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Full Spectrum Nano CBD Oil 5%



Our THC Free Nano CBD Oil has a CBD particle size of 0 to 100 nanometers.  These ultra-tiny droplets of CBD are easier for your body to absorb, so you can use less CBD than you would using other forms.  Please note that Nano CBD is bitter if used orally.


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750 mg 15 ml, 1500 mg 30 ml, 3000 mg 60 ml


< 50 mg CBD/mL, 50-99 mg CBD/mL


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No Nonsense. Just Pure CBD.

Understanding Nano Full Spectrum CBD 

Elsewhere we have explained how nano comes from an emulsified purified water, long chain triglycerides, emulsifiers, and CBD to create  nano full spectrum CBD.  So the next question looming is what is an emulsion and what does it mean to you and your CBD shopping selections including products like full spectrum CBD oil 3000mg?

An emulsion is nothing more than a combination of oil and water. We use a proprietary process to manufacture our Nano full spectrum CBD. That process includes the incorporation of sound waves to break up the size of the CBD below 100 nanometers so that your body may more quickly absorb the CBD (bioavailability).

So what comes out the other end is known as nano emulsified. The process is not unique to the hemp industry as many other products use this process to manufacture. Lifesource nano CBD oil is just that; a microencapsulated nano emulsified CBD particle in purified water. By the way, nano refers to one-billionth, and in this instance means CBD oil that has been smashed into extra tiny droplets less than 100 nanometers wide. TINY!

The average human hair; 80,000 nanometers wide.

A piece of paer; 100,000 nanometers wide [1].

So, with less smaller particle size our Lifesource Nano CBD allows for greater bioavailability, meaning the CBD is more efficiently utilized by the body, saving you money by not wasting.

We produce Lifesource Nano CBD Oil in 2.5% (25 mg/mL) and 5% (50 mg/mL) concentrations.  The concentrations in our Nano CBD, coupled with the higher bioavailability of the small particle size, are appropriate for many CBD users.

Is Nano CBD is better than other forms for you?   

Because of the aforementioned bioavailability, CBD as an oil, is not readily absorbed by your body.  When CBD is ingested and passes through the digestive system, much is destroyed.  A World Health Organization review of CBD studies shows that bioavailability of CBD when taken orally (meaning swallowed and entering digestion) can be as low as 6% [2].
Learn more about the bioavailability of CBD here: CBD Basics – AerosourceH.

A 2018 study showed CBD bioavailability of a CBD nanoemulsion to be 65% higher in a rodent model, with the expectation that it would be even higher in humans [3].  Cannabis Law Report states that nanoemulsions “can result in a 200-500% increase in effectiveness over traditional oil-based products” [4].

Where can you order Nano Full-Spectrum CBD oil 3000 mg?

Until recently, LifesourceCBD was made just for private clients and the public was unable to acquire our Nano Full-Spectrum CBD, but now, you may order these outstanding products right here on the website or at select retailers, including the AerosourceH Grow store in Marion, Illinois.

When looking for CBD, you’ve probably noticed there are different cannabinoid spectrum options to choose from. You can buy nano full spectrum CBD, broad-spectrum, or isolates.

All CBD products, including our Full Spectrum CBD oil 3000 mg, are extracted from the hemp plant, using extraction solvents, so that all of the cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids are stripped from the plant and dissolved in oil to make it easier to process and store and then make into products like CBD Gummies.

What is Full Spectrum CBD Oil?

If an extract is full spectrum, this means it contains all phytocannabinoids naturally found in the plant, including CBD and minor cannabinoids.  Full-spectrum extracts from hemp also come with a negligible THC content – below 0.3%.  Full spectrum CBD has more than one meaning though; one, that all cannabinoids from the biomass have been included or two, it may mean that all phytochemicals and terpenes are in in the final full spectrum CBD products; capsules, tinctures, powders, and gummies.

Some argue that the full spectrum active CBD compounds found in hemp do a better job together improving the results seen from each individual cannabinoid.

This phenomenon is referred to as the entourage effect. You may have heard about this in cannabis literature.

The entourage effect theory states that different compounds in hemp and cannabis work synergistically to create uniquely beneficial effects. By combining all of the compounds as whole plant extracts rather than individually, there’s increased benefit likelihood produced by product consumption.

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So the best advice we often to our customers is that; as with anything hemp, CBD or cannabis related, start with smaller quantities/dosages and increase in small increments as you and your body learn how to process the products to help you become the best you possible and get the most out of your LifesourceCBD possible!

One way we help you at LifesourceCBD is by using the highest quality we can get so we manufacture the best products on the other end. We use locally sourced hemp from our hometown region, all the other ingredients we use that you see listed on the label are also of the highest quality, including even the highest quality carrier agents that we can source. We strive to use minimal ingredients in all our products because at the end of the day, it is about CBD, not the carrier agents and the most important thing is to get that CBD absorbed.

We also complete third-party, independent testing regularly throughout the process to guarantee quality and consistency in each and every batch. Our COA’s (Certificates of Analysis) are always available to you, both on our website under the product itself and as a QR code that you can scan on the product label to see those results right from the packaging.

Quality plus consistency always results in reliable products like water soluble CBD and CBD gummies as well as all of our other LifesourceCBD products; you can count on them every time you consume them, they will deliver what is promised on the label every time you order and that provides you with the best CBD experience possible.

If you love our LifesourceCBD products, please write and tell us so. If we use your testimonial on our website, we’d love to ‘send’ you a thank you for your praise.

We work hard. We love what we do. We excel at it unlike anyone else in the industry. And at the end of the day, all of our farming, manufacturing and assembly line experience place us a cut above the rest.

As we say all of the time;

No Nonsense. Just Pure CBD.

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