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CBD Muscle Rub



Our CBD Muscle Rub is formulated with natural ingredients and a high potency with ten times the CBD of most muscle rubs. Grab a squeeze bottle for the gym or on the go and pick up a larger tub for home.


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3000 mg 2 oz Bottle, 6000 mg 4 oz Tub, 12000 mg 8 oz Tub


50-99 mg CBD/mL


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No Nonsense. Just Pure CBD.

CBD Topicals 
We can all agree that discomfort is one thing we all want to have gone, as soon as possible, preferably without unwanted side effects that can often accompany prescription treatments. The lack of topicals for specific treatments are few and far between, but one treatment option includes CBD muscle rub.

Pain is a big driver behind opioid addiction. There are countless tales of people who began treating chronic pain with prescription opioids who then switched to heroin when other drugs became difficult to get. A lot of people have died as a result, says Yasmin Hurd, an addiction specialist at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai in New York. “We have so many people in our society now experimenting with CBD to manage pain,” she says. “They are going to their clinicians and asking them for CBD.” [1]

CBD Muscle Rub bypasses the CB1 and CB2 receptors and heads straight for a neurotransmitter middleman that blocks signals by working through agents called anandamide and 2-AG. And while all of this may sound like a foreign language to you, it makes sense.

Sidestepping the CB1 and CB2 receptors means that products like CBD Muscle Rub can mute pain without the ‘psychoactive high’ sensation delivered by THC, which for many pain sufferers, is a welcome relief. Not only does CBD have very little interest in switching on CB1 receptors, cannabidiol can mute any signals sent to that receptor. Researchers looking for safer pain treatments want to take advantage of this action because it means that products such as CBD Muscle Rub won’t spark addiction, which in this time of opioid addiction, is a wonderful thing; pain relief without the risk of addiction.

Consumers can be well-educated before using products like CBD Muscle Rub and CBD Face Scrub. You may find relevant information in the blog/academy section of or on our blog page where we often discuss topics important to our customers, meant to inform and educate them. That is also where to buy CBD Muscle Rub, CBD Face Scrub and other products in multiple forms, in multiple delivery vehicles, all for your ease of use and comfort. CBD Muscle Rub and CBD Face Scrub are formulated with natural ingredients and a high potency with TEN times the CBD of most similar products. Grab a squeeze bottle for the gym or on the go and pick up a larger tub for home. You’ll want to always have them easily accessible and ready to use. Your skin, after all, is the largest organ in the body.

Still a doubter, do your own at home test. Use the CBD cream you normally use for 7-10 days and then switch and use our CBD Muscle Rub for 7-10 days. You are sure to notice the difference that a more highly pure and potent CBD product can make.

Where to buy CBD Muscle Rub and CBD Face Scrub? is your one-stop shop for all of your CBD needs. Whether for your skin topically or to ingest or smoke/vape, we create our products with your needs in mind, just as we would do for ourselves and our own loved ones.

Dosage/usage for CBD topicals

So the best advice we often to our customers is that; as with anything hemp, CBD or cannabis related, start with smaller quantities/dosages and increase in small increments as you and your body learn how to process the products to help you become the best you possible and get the most out of your LifesourceCBD possible! Again, a great way to begin with topicals is to take a tiny patch of skin on your inside forearm, apply and see if there is any adverse reaction. While all of our LifesourceCBD topical products are hypoallergic, we each react individually to different stimuli found in our environments.

After 24-36 hours of no reaction to a small test patch of skin, you should be clear to begin usage of the topical in a larger, more effected area.

Moisturizing your skin is very important as everyday use can reduce the chances of developing extreme dryness or oiliness. Neither extreme is healthy for your skin so maintaining a correct balance by daily moisturizing is an important part of one’s self-care regimen.[2]

One way we help you at LifesourceCBD is by using the highest quality we can get so we manufacture the best products on the other end. We use locally sourced hemp from our hometown region, all the other ingredients we use that you see listed on the label are also of the highest quality, including even the highest quality carrier agents that we can source. We strive to use minimal ingredients in all our products, especially our topical products because at the end of the day, it is about CBD, not the carrier agents and the most important thing is to get that CBD absorbed. And to say it one last time, your skin is the largest organ in your body. Does it not deserve the attention of such?

We also complete third-party, independent testing regularly throughout the process to guarantee quality and consistency in each and every batch. Our COA’s (Certificates of Analysis) are always available to you, both on our website under the product itself and as a QR code that you can scan on the product label to see those results right from the packaging.

Quality plus consistency always results in reliable products like water soluble CBD and CBD gummies as well as all of our other LifesourceCBD products; you can count on them every time you consume them, they will deliver what is promised on the label every time you order and that provides you with the best CBD experience possible.

If you love our LifesourceCBD products, please write and tell us so. If we use your testimonial on our website, we’d love to ‘send’ you a thank you for your praise.

We work hard. We love what we do. We excel at it unlike anyone else in the industry. And at the end of the day, all of our farming, manufacturing and assembly line experience place us a cut above the rest.

As we say all of the time;

No Nonsense. Just Pure CBD.



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