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Nano CBD

No Nonsense. Just Pure CBD.

It’s a topic you hear a lot about out there, Nano Emulsification. And that has everyone asking and searching for answers, as to what it means and how does that effect where to buy nano CBD oil so you know you are getting as advertised.

Despite the fancy scientific language, Nano Emulsification is just a clever way of expressing how what we do at LifesourceCBD involves working with tiny, tiny particles so that we may create products that more efficiently do what they are supposed to do; get the CBD into your body, as opposed to on the edge of it.

So when we go back and look at the basics of the nano CBD oil you want to purchase, it all begins with those tiny, tiny particles.

Nano actually means particles that are <0.0000001 meters, also known as 100 nano meters.

But that nano CBD oil is only small in particle size; LifesourceCBD products are more potent and more pure than other products out there because of all the really big processes in our proprietary technology. Beginning with the finest locally grown hemp, our cGMP-certified facility processes that fine flower into various forms of CBD oil, including nano emulsified, which as discussed above, is best known for getting into the body.

Another way to look at it is to remember the old adage; oil and water don’t mix, which is true. And that’s where nano CBD oil technology comes into play. By breaking the CBD particles down to nano size, LifesourceCBD products are able use the various oil carriers to actually get the nano CBD oil into your body, as mentioned above.

From there, we turn that oil into the finest CBD products out there, including nano CBD oil. And whether you are using that nano CBD oil for vaping, edibles or even for creams and topicals, what you can rest assured is that with our technology, less of the nano CBD oil will go to waste and more of it will go into your body, which, if you think about it, will also lower your cost as you will eliminate waste trying to get oils that aren’t nano CBD oil to do a job that the science says they are not capable of doing.

When properly manufactured as is done at LifesourceCBD, the most CBD gets into your bloodstream for the least amount of cost. A cost/usage efficiency that can’t be met elsewhere. And isn’t getting the highest quality, pure and potent CBD into your blood stream for the least possible price the overall goal? Pure, potent, and efficient CBD usage via nano CBD oil consumption is thus the way to go. And it’s all right here on the site.

But still, there are often those who just say, “tell me more,” and for those of you, we offer this for your consideration; More surface area covered and penetration-enhancers.

When we make our nano CBD oil, we are breaking it down, as described above, into tiny, tiny particles. Thus, when you ingest, more gets into your liver with less of a carrier agent. /when you use it topically, more of it covers more of your skin, penetrating agents which keeps the droplets to their nano size, improve the penetration of mucous membranes and the skin (the largest organ in the body).

Buyer beware! There are many imitators out there. The technology and the processes we use at LifesourceCBD are complicated and expensive. It adds time and cost to the operation to do things right. Everything we do is as advertised and we work hard to achieve that, and we are proud of what we are able to accomplish in our cGMP-certified, food-grade facility.

And while all CBD products, when properly made with the care and consistency we strive to achieve at LifesourceCBD, will work for you as they should, it is a personal decision to make as to whether the route of nano CBD oil is the way for you to go. And the answer, quite simply is there is no one answer. What works for some, may not for others.

So the best advice we like to give to our customers is this; as with anything hemp, CBD or cannabis related, start with smaller quantities/dosages and increase in small increments as you and your body learn how to use the products to help you become the best you possible!

One way we help you at LifesourceCBD is by inputting the highest quality we can get so we output the best products on the other end. We use locally sourced hemp from our hometown region, all the other ingredients we use that you see listed on the label are also of the highest quality. Even the highest quality carrier agents that we can source. We strive to use minimal ingredients in all of our products because at the end of the day, it is about CBD.

We also complete testing regularly throughout the process to ensure quality and consistency in each and every batch. Our COA’s (Certificates of Analysis) from third-party, independent labs, are always available to you, on both our website under the product itself and often as a QR code that you can scan on the product label to see those results.

Quality plus consistency equals reliable CBD products that you can count on every time you consume them, that deliver what is promised on the label every time you order it and that provides you with the best CBD experience possible.

If you love our LifesourceCBD products, please write and tell us so. If we use your testimonial on our website, we’d love to ‘send’ you a thank you for your praise.

We work hard. We love what we do. We excel at it unlike anyone else in the industry. And at the end of the day, all of our farming, manufacturing and assembly line experience place us a cut above the rest.

As we say all of the time;

No Nonsense. Just Pure CBD.

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