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    What our buyers say

    4 year old Maltese weighing 7.5 lbs. with severe arthritis in back legs, constant agitation, trouble sleeping through the night, constant barking and whimpering during the day and night, and fear of riding in a vehicle. Gave 2 drops of CBD oil 20 minutes before a car trip to view Christmas lights (the two young children insisted he be brought along to see possibly his last Christmas lights) and within 10 minutes of the beginning of the trip the dog was calm, laying on one of the adults’ lap and not whimpering or barking. Upon returning to the home the.

    Ode, anxious dog
    14 year old Maltese

    I have Tourette’s and without CBD I have debilitating tics all day. LifeSourceCBD makes a huge difference in my day. Thanks LifeSourceCBD!.

    A Blake
    42 year old man

    I am a 35 year old man diagnosed with 3 grade 4 glioblastomas brain tumors. Currently taking Avastin treatments, steroids, blood pressure medication, anti depressants, anti-anxiety, and Ativan. Currently using 10 drops 3 times daily and I have no longer needed Ativan, sleeping better, and have considerably reduced pain from atrophy..

    K Pop
    35 year old male, brain tumors

    I am a big fan of the CBD gummies. I am on my second reorder. I enjoy two gummies each day for relieve back pain..

    J Rep
    73 year old man

    I have horrible foot pain and hobble around work all day. Using LifeSource’s muscle rub has allowed me to walk normally for my whole work day. I can honestly say I not only stand behind your products, but because of your products, I CAN stand..

    D Endean
    33 year old man, foot pain

    I had a partial tear of my quad that was not responding well to rest, anti-inflammatory medications, and heat after about 4 weeks. I was contemplating a ski trip but due to the injury thought I would cancel. I tried CBD oil about a week before the possible trip thinking it would do no harm and might help. After 72 hours the injury had improved more than it had in the previous 4 weeks. I went on the 3-day ski trip and was able to ski 4 hours each day. The CBD oil greatly improved my injury..

    Michele David
    73 year old man

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