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AerosourceH Nano CBD

AerosourceH Nano CBD

Why nano? Size matters.

The ultra-tiny particle size of the CBD in our AerosourceH Nano CBD allows easier absorption into the body for higher bioavailability.  This means that more of the CBD consumed actually ends up being utilized by the body.

What is Nano CBD?

Our AersosourceH Nano CBD Oil is a microencapsulated nano emulsion of CBD in purified water.  Being water-based instead of oil-based, it mixes easily in to any liquid.  The term “nano” means one one-billionth, and in this case refers to a product in which the CBD oil has been broken into ultra-tiny droplets that are less than 100 nanometers wide.  That is less than 0.0001 millimeter!  By comparison an average human hair is approximately 80,000 nanometers wide.  A piece of paper is about 100,000 nanometers wide [1].

The less than 100 nanometer particle size of our Nano CBD allows for greater bioavailability, meaning the CBD is more efficiently utilized by the body.

Why is Nano CBD better than other forms?


Because CBD is an oil, it is not readily absorbed by the body.  In fact, when CBD is ingested and passes through the digestive system, most of it is destroyed.  A World Health Organization review of CBD studies shows that bioavailability of CBD when taken orally (meaning swallowed and entering digestion) can be as low as 6% [2]. See more about the bioavailability of CBD here: CBD Basics – AerosourceH.

Nano CBD’s small particles can be absorbed orally and cross into the bloodstream directly without having to pass through the digestive system.  This means that the majority of the Nano CBD when taken orally is utilized by the body.  Nano CBD that does pass through the digestive system is also destroyed at a much lower rate than oil based CBD because the system treats it as an emulsified water based compound.

A 2018 study showed CBD bioavailability of a CBD nanoemulsion to be 65% higher in a rodent model, with the expectation that it would be even higher in humans [3].  Cannabis Law Report states that nanoemulsions “can result in a 200-500% increase in effectiveness over traditional oil-based products”[4].


Because Nano CBD Oil has higher bioavailability, less product can be used to deliver the same effective amount of CBD in your bloodstream.  Using the above range of 200-500% greater effectiveness, this means that a consumer using Nano CBD could use one-half to one-fifth of the amount of an oil-based product.  This translates to a better user experience by needing to use less CBD, or use it less often, and makes the CBD purchase more cost-effective overall.

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