Life Source CBD

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LifeSourceCBD is cGMP

LifeSourceCBD is produced in a certified cGMP facility. What does that mean to you? Peace of mind.
From field to finished, we track every step of our process. Every product we make is tested for potency and purity at multiple stages.
Our third party lab results prove that our product contains the amount of CBD on the label, and is free of contaminants.

Unlock the Life Source of CBD!

We strip away all the gimmicks to bring you tested products with superior formulations.

We receive locally grown ground hemp biomass and load it into extraction bags.

Our proprietary Polisher removes chlorophyll, pesticides, and trace heavy metals.

The bags are loaded into the agitator and the hemp oils are extracted into ethanol.

In our state-of-the-art cGMP lab, we finish with distillation and isolation.

Our 99%+ Pure CBD isolate undergoes multiple quality and potency checks before being used to make other products.

Third Party Certified Facilities

LifeSourceCBD is made with current Good Manufacturing Practices


Proven.  Our state-of-the-art lab is inspected and audited annually by SGS, a world leader in cGMP certification.

Safe.  Our facility is also a licensed food production facility in the state of Kentucky.  We hold the same high standards of production as major food manufacturers.

Traceable.  We utilize BioTrackTHC to allow us to track every product from field to finished.

Guaranteed.  Tested in house, and third-party verified to have accurate potency and no contaminants.