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C Hamp
Owner of Hampton, Retriever Mix

My dog a.k.a. Family Member Hampton, a “Humane Society Special” has always been terrified by big storms and especially fireworks or anything of that nature. She is 10 or so now (we got her at 4 weeks old). I tried everything to try and keep her calm and feel safe, from Xanax, to thunder t-shirts, to holding her and no matter what she would pant, droll and shake like her heart was going to jump out of her chest. It was getting worse with age. Mr. Osman suggested I try your CBD oil, I will admit I was up for anything to help Hampton, yet knowing he believed in it, I thought it probably would help Hampton. How in the world do I begin to explain the difference it has made? LIFESOURCECBD has literally changed our lives. Hampton is no longer under my feet, no matter what, trying to trip and kill me as soon as she hears a boom! She’s ok, she is relaxed, she is not loopy (although I may give her a tad extra depending on situation). New Years Eve….she is getting a tad more 🙂 THANK YOU for making this product, thank you for making our lives better and caring enough to use only the best for “our/my” pup.


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